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Welcome to Gogas Tires Website

The website of Gogas Tires is under development. The potentials it offers include a full brochure of the products, orders via Internet, immediate communication and other services. For wholesale collaborators, there can be special accounts and most rapid communication with the customers via Internet and via telephone. Our goal is the immediate service of your demands, covering the needs of the professionals in the domain but also for people who wish the best for their vehicle. 


New potentials in ordering products.

The website supports the capability of immediate ordering. The capacity of information of the customers concerning the latest products in tires, disc wheels, lubricants, suspensions etc can be provided, connecting you straight to the websites of the constructors. In this way, you have the potential to choose the type of product that you wish to purchase. Afterwards, by completing the corresponding form you can be informed for the cost and the availability of your choices, as well as the alternatives, while our specialized collaborators, can advise you regarding technical matters that concern the type of your vehicle.


Specialized information for your vehicle.

The new technologies provide the capacity of immediate communication to the customers concerning the availability and the appropriateness of the products for your vehicle. The website extends the potentials of our enterprise, allowing you to choose or communicate with us without pressure at your own time. Giving us information concerning your vehicle and its needs, we can present a series of proposals covering your demands in quality and cost. As we allocate all the necessary information concerning the appropriate products that fit your vehicle, you are welcome to describe accurately the brand, the model and its year, allowing us to give you specified information., Designed by Atrapos