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Safe and efficient car with Gogas service!


At Gogas service, you can trust your every wish. Using advanced methods and contemporary tactics we ensure the highest quality of services.



  • Posts
  • Air conditioning
  • Battery
  • Motor
  • Oil
  • Brakes
  • Alignment
  • 24 points check


Also, for your own safety and security, the Gogas service program brought for you the free 24-point technical inspection service of your car.


Free technical inspection of 24 car points

  1. Engine oil level check.
  2. Refrigerant fluid level check.
  3. Inspection of external auxiliary drive belts and timing belts.
  4. Hydraulic steering fluid level check.
  5. Battery status check.
  6. Check dynamo charging status.
  7. Light control.
  8. Immobilization brake test (parking brake).
  9. Check brake wear.
  10. Front system control.
  11. Rear system control.
  12. Shock absorber visual inspection.
  13. Hanger gambling control.
  14. Tire wear control.
  15. Exhaust system control.
  16. Wheel bearing wear control.
  17. Tire pressure control.
  18. Wiper cleaning.
  19. Door control / lubrication.
  20. Electronic car control.
  21. Alignment check.
  22. Balancing check.
  23. Clutch control.
  24. Technical delivery check.


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